International Internship Programs




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Diversify your business's skillset and experiences

Internships are a time-tested way of adding valuable talent to your team – But that talent might not be available locally.

Global Talent Connect Ltd's international internship programs will connect you and your business with students, postgraduates and professionals from across the world. Every candidate we put forward is eager to learn and keen to share their experiences and skillset, and will surely be an asset to your workforce.

While the employer benefits from the new addition to their team, the candidate gets an unprecedented opportunity to learn practical skills, put their established knowledge to the test and potentially establish connections or launch a career in a new country.



Our international internship programs are created in collaboration with:

  • The International Hotel and Tourism Institute – Catering, front of office staff and general hospitality.

If you are an employer interested in one of our international internship programs, please get in touch with us. One of our team will explain the process and explain the relevant legislative guidelines.

Recruitment Enquiry 

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