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We are proud to provide Scotland with experienced, capable and qualified international talent for a range of industries. Having established partnerships with institutions across the world, we are able to offer employers a selection of trained and fully-vetted candidates specific for the job specification.

We aim to make the process of hiring international talent in Scotland as straightforward as possible. Our team has a detailed understanding of the international hiring process, being former global employees themselves, and are happy to walk you through the process.



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If you are an employer looking for skills and expertise from overseas, please contact us via our booking form or call our service team at +441315633880.

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Bespoke global recruitment solutions 

The Global Talent Connect Ltd hiring process is centred around pairing international staff with roles in Scotland based on ability, enthusiasm and qualification. As we primarily work in the hospitality and care fields at this point in time, we source our talent from reputable universities and colleges as well as those with existing experience.

If you have never hired internationally before, Global Talent Connect Ltd are happy to guide you through the sponsor license application process. Our thorough pre-screening and interview process means that each candidate we put forward comes with our recommendation, though we advise that employers carry out their own interviews as well.

It is our goal to streamline the process of care and hospitality recruitment in Scotland, both for companies looking to hire skilled professionals and for individuals looking for job opportunities in Scotland.

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For qualified care and hospitality recruitment in Scotland, look no further than Global Talent Connect Ltd.

Fill out our contact form to start listing your vacancies. If you need further assistance or have any questions, reach out to our service team at +441315633880.

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How we can help employees

We connect international candidates with Scotland-based companies who possess sponsorship licenses – For free.

To maximise your chances, Global Talent Connect Ltd will provide you with resources and guidance for crafting a strong resume, preparing for interviews and understanding the UK's work visa requirements. We have a strict duty of care to our candidates, and will walk through every step of the way until your start at your new job.

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Our approach to international care and hospitality recruitment in Scotland 

Global Talent Connect Ltd aims to fill a gap in the market by leading employers in need of qualified staff with the wellspring of talent that can be found overseas.

Over the years we have seen employers have to lean on agency staff to fill gaps in their workforce, paying a premium for a cycle of potentially less-skilled workers. This is particularly the case when it comes to technical or qualified positions like sous chefs and care workers.

Yet while there seems to be a deficit of talent willing to commit to long-term positions in the domestic Scottish market, there is a vast but generally-untouched market of overseas staff who are willing to come to Scotland to prove their work ethic and value. This can be especially valuable for businesses located in the more remote areas of Scotland, where candidates would be required to relocate.

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Global Talent Connect's team of international recruitment specialists 

The Global Talent Connect Ltd team is a diverse range of professionals in a wide variety of fields. We have firsthand knowledge of the international hiring process, with over 30 years of combined experience between us, and we bring this information with us into the business. This is the driving force behind our approach and informs every hiring decision we make.

You can find out more about our background and the values that drive our care and hospitality recruitment in Scotland here.

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If you are a Scottish employer in need of qualified candidates for permanent or temporary positions, please get in touch with us. One of our support team will help you create an account and set up your job listings.


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The Scottish job market is in need of your talents, wherever you happen to be in the world.

Once you make contact with us, we will connect you with a range of sponsor-licensed companies across Scotland. We will forward your details to a prospective employer for consideration when we find one suitable for your skills.

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For qualified care and hospitality recruitment in Scotland, look no further than Global Talent Connect Ltd.

Advertise a job with us, or take a look at our available job listings.



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