Recognising the ongoing skills shortage in the Scottish job market, and having a wealth of experience as overseas employees in the UK, Global Talent Connect Ltd was founded to help Scottish employers find the qualified staff they need from overseas.

This offers employers a far wider talent pool to recruit from, a diversified workforce and a straightforward means of circumventing labour demands if the domestic labour supply is not sufficient. Our process gives the recruiter complete flexibility, offering them a selection of potential hires who meet their criteria and allowing them to conduct their own interviews to ensure their staff is a cultural and sustainable fit for their business.



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Our approach to care and hospitality recruitment in Scotland benefits the employer and the candidate alike. Read more about the values that drive our business, or contact us to arrange a job listing.

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Hospitality Recruitment in Edinburgh and wider Scotland  

With a number of our team having backgrounds in the hospitality sector, Global Talent Connect Ltd are uniquely positioned to pair eligible international candidates with qualified job opportunities.

Employers will benefit from our network of candidates with pre-existing experience and newly-graduated staff from the International Hotel and Tourism Institute. Hospitality recruitment in Scotland is one of the foundations of our business, and remains a cornerstone service.

Find out more about our hospitality opportunities here.

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Care recruitment in Edinburgh and wider Scotland

The care sector is a vital industry in countries with aging populations such as Scotland, yet staffing in this area has been an issue for years now.

Global Talent Connect Ltd are able to supply you with experienced and qualified carers, nurses and social workers. International care schemes and programmes tend to include a fixed period of job placement, ensuring that the staff we provide have practical experience on top of their qualifications.


Find out more about our care opportunities here.

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Intern recruitment in Edinburgh and wider Scotland  

International internship arrangements are mutually beneficial.

The intern gains a wealth of practical experience and an opportunity to put theory into practice, particularly if they are a graduate, while the employer is exposed to new and refreshing perspectives and can potentially build professional relationships with international institutions.

Find out more about our international internship programs here.

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A cornerstone of our approach to international recruitment in Edinburgh and wider Scotland is our relationships with overseas institutions.

 All round hospitality solutions


PIE Consultancy is a leading specialist hospitality consultancy firm offering unparalleled expertise to the hospitality, leisure, tourism and real estate industries  

 International Hotel and tourism institute IHTI




A specialised training school for the hospitality sector, widely renowned for its excellent curriculum and the quality of their graduates. 


 A luxury boutique hotel situated in the seaside town of Blackpool. Stylish decorated rooms all en-suite, penthouse with a luxury double spa bath overlooking Blackpool tower and amazing sea views. Only 300ft from the beach and close to all amenities including the Winter gardens, Blackpool Tower, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Zoo, Sea life Centre, Sandcastle Water Park and the Town Centre





Frequently asked questions about hiring international chefs and care workers

What kind of candidates can I find on this platform?

Our platform is designed to streamline the process of international care and hospitality recruitment in Scotland. We connect employers with highly skilled and experienced international chefs, sous chefs, and care workers seeking employment opportunities in the Scotland. These candidates are well-trained, motivated, and passionate about their profession.

How can I post a job opening for international chefs, sous chefs, or care workers on this website?

Posting a job opening is straightforward. Simply create an employer account on our platform, and you can easily post your job vacancies. Our user-friendly interface will guide you through the process step by step.

Are there any costs associated with posting job listings for employers?

We offer competitive pricing for employers looking to post job listings. Please contact our support team for relevant information about our pricing plans.

What qualifications and experience do the candidates on the platform possess?

The candidates on our platform typically possess relevant qualifications, certifications, and extensive experience in their respective fields. You can review their profiles to find individuals who meet your specific requirements.

How long does it take to find suitable candidates for a job opening?

The time frame for finding suitable candidates may vary depending on the job requirements and the number of qualified applicants. We recommend posting job openings as early as possible to maximize the chances of finding the right candidates efficiently.

Do I need to provide work visa sponsorship for international candidates I hire through this platform?

Yes, international candidates will require a valid work visa to work in the UK. As an employer, you will need to sponsor their work visas through the UK's Points-Based System. Our team can guide you through the sponsorship process.

What kind of support do you provide during the hiring process?

We offer comprehensive support throughout the hiring process. Our team can assist you with any questions related to posting job listings, reviewing applications, and coordinating interviews with candidates.

What countries do the international candidates on this platform come from?

Our platform attracts candidates from various countries, offering you a diverse pool of talent. You can find candidates with diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences to add value to your team.

Is there a guarantee that I will find the right candidate for my job opening?

While we cannot guarantee the exact outcome of the hiring process, we work diligently to connect you with highly qualified and suitable candidates. Our platform aims to increase your chances of finding the right fit for your organization.

What are the legal and regulatory aspects of hiring international candidates?

Hiring international candidates involves navigating various legal and regulatory aspects, including work visas, sponsorships, and compliance with immigration laws. We provide guidance and resources to ensure a smooth and compliant hiring process.

Can I use this platform to find candidates for temporary or permanent positions?

Yes, you can utilize our platform to find candidates for both temporary and permanent positions. Whether you need chefs and sous chefs for seasonal work or care workers for permanent roles, we can help you find the right candidates.



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